Goodbye with Love

Happy Healthy Free

108 yoga

Tears ran down my face as we chanted Om, pressed our palms together in namaste and bowed to give thanks.

Tonight was the closing ceremony for my yoga studio. My beloved sanctuary – 108 Yoga – is closing. The sangha – our wonderful little community of yogis and yoginis – gathered to practice and offer gratitude for this space and the people who have filled it with intention, love, knowledge, shakti, laughter, and joy.

I stepped into this cozy studio six years ago a much different person than I am today. It was here that I was broken open and put back together again to be the woman I am today.  I was introduced to amazing teachers, teachings and fellow seekers – not of perfect bodies but rather of connection to self. I completed my yoga teacher training here with a wonderful group of women. And it was at 108…

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