The Five Elements

The Five Elements (Maha Bhutas)

From Tamas arise the five elements. They are the basis of all matter which make up the outer world of experience, including the physical body.

  1. Ether (Akasha) – space; manifests the idea of connection allowing for the interchange between all material mediums, communication and expression
  2. Air (Vayu) – motion; manifests the idea of subtle movement, manifesting ideas of time, direction, velocity and change and giving the basis for thought
  3. Fire (Agni) – radiant energy; manifests the idea of light allowing for perception and for movement from place to place
  4. Water (Apas) – cohesive factor; manifests the idea of liquidity or flowing motion, allowing for life
  5. Earth (Pruthivi) – mass; manifests the idea of solidity or stability, giving resistance in action

Sources: Yoga & Ayurveda by David Frawley; The Ayurveda Bible by Anne McIntyre

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